What is Coronavirus?

The name Coronavirus comes from the Latin term ‘Corona’ meaning crown due to the appearance of the virus.

The current Coronavirus, know as COVID-2019 is thought to have originated in Wuhan, China and is a respiratory virus.

How does it spread?

People catch the virus from close contact with people who are infected. It is likely people coughing up droplets filled with coronavirus spread the infection from person to person.


The main signs of infection are a high temperature (fever) and a cough. This can be followed by shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Some people get seriously ill and die from multiple organ failure, but many have very mild symptoms or none at all.

World Health Organisation (WHO) advice.

Please see below, the latest WHO advice on the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus.

IATA advice.

Please see below, the latest IATA advice on travelling amid the outbreak of COVID-19.

FCO travel advice

Please see below, the latest advice from the UK government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office for travelling abroad. FCO advice




Airline information

Please see below, the latest information concerning the impact of Coronavirus on services, and your rights to change/amend your bookings. 

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