Wayte Travel welcome new staff on board

Wayte Travel welcome new staff on board

Wayte Travel Management are delighted to have announced the appointment of five new members of staff to the team.

As a result of an uptake in business following the relaxation of COVID restrictions, Wayte Travel Management have ensured that the excellent personal service provided isn’t impacted by the extra demand on the business by taking on five new members of staff, spread across our offices in Stoke-on-Trent, Jersey and London.

Managing Director, Chris Morris had this to say about the appointments

“As we come out of the pandemic and demand for business travel increases again we’re making sure that we have the resources in place to provide the excellent service we’re known for. It has always been our philosophy to employ the best people and to offer easy-access personal service, making the task of arranging travel as simple as possible. We are therefore delighted to announce a number of new members of our team.

In our Jersey office we are joined by Sarah Fitzgerald and Brenda De Oliveira who most recently worked at the BA Travel Office in St Helier. Sarah joins our business travel team and Brenda will take over our Group Travel department. Both have many years’ experience and will be a great asset to the business.

In London we’re delighted to welcome back Harish Chandegra to our team. Harish worked with us for several years before Covid struck and can’t wait to reengage !

In our Stoke office we are being joined by Stuart Carrington who will add to our already busy Marine Department headed up by Rob Massey. Finally, we’re also happy to have Will Jukes back in the fold – Will looks after our Marketing and Social Media as well as client management reporting. We fully expect to grow our team further in the coming months in what is a very exciting period for Wayte Travel.”

Sales Director, Garry Lloyd added

“I would like to welcome our new staff members on board and share Chris’ optimism for the future of Wayte Travel Management. These are exciting times.

The company has faced the obvious problems relating to the pandemic and we now look to build back stronger.
2022 will also see us launch an improved data suite with enhancements to the way we produce management reporting. This will ensure that we stay ahead of the game and provide a truly bespoke offering to each of our clients.
Whilst travel has become a little more complex, our wonderful team have kept abreast of all restrictions and stand by ready to assist all clients, new and old, with their requirements.
Why Wayte? Working with us will be the best decision you make.

What do Wayte Travel do?

Wayte specialise in providing a complete travel management service covering all your business travel requirements.


Wayte combine unsurpassed expertise, years of experience and vast network of worldwide contacts to create a tailor-made solution for each of their clients.

Personal Service

Renowned for their excellent personal service, Wayte constantly strive to deliver the best and most efficient travel management solution.

Travel Advice

Their ability to provide full and impartial travel advice means that their clients gain access to the widest range of travel services and the most up-to-date information.


Wayte’s first class account management means we take care of all your travel requirements, allowing you to take care of your business.

Why Wayte?

Wayte Travel are extremely proud of the customer service they provide, as demonstrated in our testimonials.

To find out more information about Wayte Travel and the work they do, get in touch using the form below. 

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Festive opening hours

Festive opening hours

Wayte Travel Management are known for the excellent personal service provided for business travel bookings. That’s why out of hours services have always been free of charge for our client base.

What do you need from a business travel hotel?

What do you need from a business travel hotel?

What are business travel hotels?

When we talk about business travel hotels, we mean any hotels used when you or your colleagues are travelling for business purposes, whether that be a meeting room or a bed for the night, any hotel element that enables your business travellers to function.


How to secure the best business travel flights.

How to secure the best business travel flights.

What are business travel flights?

We don’t want to get you confused here, by business travel flights we mean any flight taken to facilitate business to be done, whether that’s a flight to attend a meeting, to visit an offshore oil rig, to compete in a professional sporting event or to visit a medical research facility, these and many many more make up business travel flights.

What to expect from a business travel agency

What to expect from a business travel agency

What is a business travel agency?

A business travel agency also known as a travel management company or corporate travel company assists in organising business travel for organisations, this includes but isn’t limited to; flights, hotel bookings, rail, car hire and visas.


USA requirements

USA requirements

With UK and EU residents allowed to enter the USA from the 8th of November, we look at the requirements for entry. 

Quarantine free travel

Quarantine free travel

Travellers arriving in England or Northern Ireland from an Amber list country will no longer be required to quarantine.


What are Marine Fares?

What are Marine Fares?

With much of the world’s travel coming to a halt in 2020, numerous sectors were still jetting across the globe for essential work purposes. None more so than energy firms travelling to offshore oil and gas locations and security firms providing valuable cargo ships protection from piracy.

What does a marine fare entitle you to?

Marine fares entitle the holder to more flexibility with amendments to fairs, greater baggage allowance, ensuring you can take all your required equipment for long stays offshore and extra security should flights be rescheduled, giving you priority for re-arranged flights.

Who qualifies?

To qualify for a marine fare you must be one of the following:

  • A Seaman travelling to or from a vessel on duty, with a seaman’s book
  • Staff travelling to or from a vessel who aren’t a seaman but are included on the ship’s manifest
  • The spouse of someone working on a vessel, once added to the ship’s manifest
  • An engineer or contractor travelling to or from carrying out work on a vessel or offshore

If you are one of the above it is important to be aware that you may require one of the following:

  • Your seaman’s logbook
  • Your contract of employment
  • A company headed letter which outlines your name, requirement to travel, the dates of travel and the basic information about the vessel/project you are working on.

What can Wayte Travel do?

At Wayte Travel we understand how quickly marine fare clients require a response, that’s why our dedicated Marine team, headed by Rob Massey alongside our free of charge out of hours service gives you the peace of mind that you need.

If you would like more information about marine fares, or how Wayte Travel can help do not hesitate to get in touch with Rob or Sales Director, Garry Lloyd alternatively contact the team on salesteam@waytetravel.co.uk

Jersey office announce support local scheme

Jersey office announce support local scheme

Wayte Travel Management’s Jersey office have teamed up with local hospitality firms to encourage clients and connections to support local by having staycations this summer.

Throughout the pandemic, the hospitality industry has been majorly impacted, that is why, with the help of Wayte Travel Management clients. Garry Lloyd has embarked on a mission to help the impacted businesses.

Last week Sales Director, Garry Lloyd announced on LinkedIn that further Jersey Hotel firms The Club Hotel & The Radisson Blu Jersey have offered Wayte some fantastic rates. These rates have been emailed to all of Wayte’s Jersey based clients this week, however we’re excited to further offer them to any local connections on LinkedIn.

If you are interested in hearing more, get in touch with the team on local@waytetravel.co.uk where Oliver Young will be more than happy to assist you.

If you would like to find out more about the business travel services Wayte Travel Management provide, then click here.


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