Are you tired of paying over the odds for business travel from London?

The five most important factors for good business travel are reported to be convenience at the airport, an affordable price for flights and hotel rooms, convenience of timings, good company policy and direct flights to your destination, according to IHG Business Advantage.

The same survey found that business travellers were largely men aged 35-44, which is a balance which needs to be redressed in the future. Business travel is predicted to grow through 2021 so perhaps the number of female travellers will rise in the next five years.

Does your company use up a large amount of airmiles and wants to save money?

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We provide a wide range of corporate travel services, including one point of contact for all bookings and the best possible airfares from the UK including economy, business and first-class.

As true business travel experts, we can transform the way your trips are organised and ensure everything goes smoothly for the best possible price.

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