Did you know, China has recently surpassed the USA in the amount of money spent on business travel? This means it’s currently the country with the biggest travel market in the world.

Meanwhile, UK hotels have been enjoying a healthy economy, with London hotels having the highest occupancy for over a decade, according to Buying Business Travel.

Is your company based in the UK and requires travel management?

Wayte Travel Management are a company who offer a wide range of products and the most up-to-date information for your business travel. With inflation leading to a rise of 0.5% on travel costs, we’re also here to help you find the best flights. According to The Guardian, the cost of living has pushed up the price of flights, hotels and restaurants.

Along with finding you’re the best and cheapest flights, we can also provide one point of contact for all enquiries, the lowest hotel and car rental rates, monthly account facilities, MI/Travel Reports, a 24/7 service for emergency bookings, corporate mileage schemes, travel alerts and updates, travel policy management and much more.

With Wayte Management you will receive superb personal service and impartiality, along with simple and competitive fees- that includes all classes of travel from the UK.

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