New third runway, or no third runway? That is the question…

According to Buying Business Travel, there will soon be a decision on whether Heathrow should expand or not. While many MPs are against it, the Scottish government is currently backing such plans.

If you require a business travel agent in London, Wayte Travel Management could be ideal.

As a business travel agent, we have offices in three different locations: London, Staffordshire and Jersey, with our London offices based in Ealing in West London.

With nearly 40 years of experience under our belt, Wayte Travel Management offer the best available airfares in all classes of travel. Whether you travel Economy, Premium Economy, Business or First Class, we’ll find you the best possible deals. We can also offer a variety of services, according to your needs, including full account management or a bespoke mixture of services.

Our range of services include monthly account facilities, MI/Travel reports, the lowest hotel and car rental rates, travel alerts and updates, travel policy management, the management of supplier negotiations, and much more. It’s no wonder we’ve been called ‘the John Lewis of business travel agents’!

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