Although we live in a time where technology is thoroughly advanced, nothing quite beats face to face meetings, which is why travelling is still such a big part of day to day businesses. Business travel is likely to become even more important once Brexit is over, and British companies need to connect with greater ease with foreign counterparts.

Does your company fly to and from Jersey on a regular basis?

If you’re looking for a business travel agency, Wayte have offices based in Jersey and regularly assist business on the Channel Islands. We also have offices located in London and Staffordshire, making us ideal for companies anywhere in the UK. We are also opening another office in Manchester in April.

As an experienced business travel agency, we provide a wide range of products and services, including one point of contact for all flights, the lowest priced airfares, and monthly account facilities.

Our services also include the lowest hotel and car rental rates, travel reports/alerts, and corporate mileage schemes. With simple and competitive fees, our agency can save you money in 2017.

Our team of experts are keen to help with any of your business travel enquiries.

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