In the wake of Brexit, organising corporate travel could get harder. Or it could remain almost exactly the same. As with most potential effects of Brexit, everything is currently ‘up in the air’.

According to The Independent, Britain’s proposed exit from the EU has ‘spooked’ the airline companies, with people worrying that the skies might not be so open. Of course, many businesses might also consider moving from the UK to elsewhere in Europe. But as of yet it’s unclear what kind of effects it will have for travellers.

However, many people believe that UK business travel will thrive despite such challenges, according to ‘Buying Business Travel’. GBTA, for instance, has been predicting a 7.9% rise in UK business travel spending for this year.

Whatever happens, Wayte Travel Management can help with your corporate travel to and from London.

If you’re looking for a corporate travel agency in London, our company has offices in London, Staffordshire and Jersey, making us ideal for any business in the UK.

We offer a wide range of products, first class account management, and the most up-to-date information. You’ll also benefit from the best airfares and hotel rate, so your business will stay ahead of the game.

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