According to Buying Business Travel, small companies believe that they pay more for travel, and find it more time consuming to organise. They also find it more difficult to book compared to larger firms. Even worse, they feel like they’re not treated as well.

It’s also reported that small business travellers experience a lot of stress when booking, according to the study by the IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Groups). The survey was conducted in April 2016, and involved asking 1,005 small business travellers aged 25-65.

If you run a small, medium or large business in the UK, Wayte Travel Management are keen to help you.

Described as the ‘John Lewis of travel’, we help companies of all sizes improve their business travel. That includes finding you the best fares, hotel rooms and car rental rates.

Providing one point of contact for all flights, hotels and other elements of travel, we really take the pressure off your shoulders. We also offer Visas, monthly account facilities, MI/Travel reports, travel policy management, management of supplier negotiations, and offering superb personal service and impartiality.

We have offices based in London, Staffordshire and Jersey, making us ideal for any company in the UK. With our simple and competitive fees, we’re also extremely affordable.

Discover more about our business travel management in the UK.

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