Investigating the role of the travel agent within the recovery of the business travel industry.


During a difficult two years of little to no business travel being completed, the industry feared the worst in terms of the loss of jobs and interest with the uptake of technologies such as Teams, Zoom and Skype but as we all know technology is not always the answer, that’s why Wayte Travel is proud to show the value in using an agency with amazing individuals behind the scenes opposed to that of one with an online booking tool.

Sales Director, Garry Lloyd addressed this in his most recent update to clients:

As much as the travel industry has welcomed the vast increase in demand, it has clearly not been without difficulty. Whilst you will have seen, heard and experienced delays at airports and other transport hubs, we too have faced our own difficulties with our wonderful teams having to battle cancellations, changes and heavy delays for our client’s travel.

Whilst we have seen some minor issues, the majority of our experiences have been positive and I can only thank our legends within Wayte, including our Out of Hours team, for their dedication in the face of enormous adversity. These challenges and increased client travel have meant that yet again we have added to our teams and so look out for new names responding to our requests.

On the other hand, you have the experience of an online booking tool. Not only is the process of booking through an online booking tool less cost-effective than using the experience of one of Wayte’s talented team, but in the event of a delay or worse, a cancellation, you are left with at best the support of an individual who has no prior knowledge of the booking or at worst, no support in getting you on your way at all.

At Wayte Travel you can be certain that the team are available at every step of your journey with an individual being assigned to your account, you know that your bookings are in safe and knowledgeable hands should you require them. Don’t just take our word for it though, you can view what our clients have to say about the service they receive here.

If you’re interested in how our expanding team of business travel agents can support you and your business with the return of business travel get in touch with us below. Alternatively, take a look at the whole range of services Wayte Travel offer.

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