What are business travel hotels?

When we talk about business travel hotels, we mean any hotels used when you or your colleagues are travelling for business purposes, whether that be a meeting room or a bed for the night, any hotel element that enables your business travellers to function.

What do I need from a business travel hotel?

Have you ever thought about what your travellers actually require from a business travel hotel?
Yes you may have travelled the world, stayed in various hotels around the world, and have a pretty good idea about what makes a great hotel, but those are for leisure trips. Here we’ll look at what business travellers actually need.

Reception times

Business travellers can be checking in and out of hotels at all hours, does your traveller require a reception to be open in the night to check in or out, are you ensuring this is available to them?

Meeting spaces

As we mentioned earlier, some business travellers will require a meeting space in their hotel to host their clients or prospects or deliver a pitch. This is something Wayte Travel Management’s expert staff can ensure your business travellers have the best facilities available when they arrive.

What do Wayte Travel do?

Wayte specialise in providing a complete travel management service covering all your business travel requirements.


Wayte combine unsurpassed expertise, years of experience and vast network of worldwide contacts to create a tailor-made solution for each of their clients.

Personal Service

Renowned for their excellent personal service, Wayte constantly strive to deliver the best and most efficient travel management solution.

Travel Advice

Their ability to provide full and impartial travel advice means that their clients gain access to the widest range of travel services and the most up-to-date information.


Wayte’s first class account management means we take care of all your travel requirements, allowing you to take care of your business.

Why Wayte?

Wayte Travel are extremely proud of the customer service they provide, as demonstrated in our testimonials with our latest being shown here, 

Find out more about our hotel services here.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to provide some personal feedback.  Pre-pandemic, in the pandemic, post-pandemic, Jana is absolutely on it, super responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and all round just so pleasant to deal with.  She’s my go to person who is always ready to support.  A great credit to the Wayte family.

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