With the third runway at Heathrow given the green light, and Brexit getting closer, business travel is only going to increase in importance. This is likely to be especially true for London companies, who will need to maintain that vital link with Europe.

New aviation rules are also likely to make a difference, with certain restrictions being lifted by Brussels. For example, we’re now allowed single-engine turboprop aircraft for commercial flights. This has been descried as ‘heralding a new age of flying in Europe’.

With more competition for flights, hotels and rental cars, many companies might also find they benefit from a business travel agency.

Do you need a corporate travel company in London? If you want to improve your corporate travel in London, look towards Wayte Travel Management.

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Without the hassle of arranging your corporate travel, you can focus on what matters: your business.

With offices in London, Staffordshire and Jersey, and a new office opening in Manchester, we are ideal for any corporation in the UK.

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